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The MBS Group, a collection of companies that includes MBS3, MBS Equipment Company, MBS Media Campus, MBS Equipment Company Canada, and Pinewood MBS Lighting. Together they provide all the resources necessary for consultation services, development, management, operational oversight and production services for studios and productions worldwide. Individually, each focus on their respective discipline to provide the best customer experience, support and solutions for the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of the physical production world. Our businesses span the spectrum of physical film, TV and new media production services whether in-studio or on location; applying knowledge and resources on a global or micro-local level.

In compliance with the CDC, The MBS Group has released an in depth COVID-19 Operating Protocol Packet that is available to download. Developed by a task force of COVID Compliance Officers with our industry in mind, the following has been implemented at all of our offices, warehouses, and depots:

  • Increased cleaning personnel

  • Revolutionary disinfectant technology

  • Sanitation stations throughout studio lots and offices

  • Daily wellness checkpoints

  • Rotating shifts to minimize the number of people in offices

  • Extended PPE gear to all employees to be worn at all times. In addition, all vendors must wear
    MBS approved PPE while visiting our facilities.

We continue to stay committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and clients.

MBS3 is the largest provider of studio management and equipment support in the United States and the premiere worldwide resource for studio development, consultation, and design. MBS3 is either the studio management company or production services provider for over 35 worldwide locations and supporting more than 270 sound stages in nine states and three countries.

This industry reach also gives MBS3 direct access to a large, comprehensive cross section of current and future production clients that provide a constant flow of information helping to identify trends and providing an intimate knowledge of the “bigger picture” throughout the industry. With locations in California, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, British Columbia, and the UK, MBS3 has a vast breadth of experience that few other companies can match.

Our senior executives have been directly involved in the financing, design, and development of studio projects throughout the US, Europe, Philippines, and New Zealand. Represented skill sets include debt and equity financing, construction, design, operational logistics, staffing, marketing and more. MBS3 operates in multiple locations and expertly deals with the changing landscape of film incentives, production trends, and technological advancements.

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Located in Manhattan Beach, California, MBS Media Campus is one of Southern California's premiere independent production facilities. The purpose-built studio is managed and operated by MBS3, featuring 15 state-of-the-art soundstages, over 280,000 square feet of production offices, a New York Street, mill and production support space, a suite of on-site pre- and post-production support services, screening room, the Studio Store and Production Resource Center, an onsite café, catering, auto detailing and more.

In addition to hosting various network television series, MBS Media Campus is the long-term home to James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment, and host the U.S.-based stage production of the ‘Avatar’ sequels.

MBS Media Campus also operates multiple Vancouver satellite studio operations; MBS Media Campus Northbrook, Martini Film Studios, and Surrey Studio City.

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MBS Equipment Company is based in Burbank, California but has four strategic Hollywood locations covering the Valley with our main MBSE offices, Hollywood through Raleigh Studios, Hollywood's West Side through Culver Studios, and LA's South Bay through MBS Media Campus. MBS Equipment Company also has extensive national and international outreach with multiple MBSE exclusive studio partnerships or depots in Hawaii, California, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia and New York in the United States. MBS Equipment Company Canada operates in British Columbia, and Pinewood MBS Lighting covers England in the United Kingdom.

With one of the largest overall equipment inventories worldwide, a full fleet of trucks and generators, the largest inventory of the newest technology, the ability and willingness to find innovative and create lighting solutions that incorporate LED and conventional lighting techniques for both general set lighting and fixtures work, MBS Equipment Company has become the fastest growing and most forward thinking studio based lighting company in the world. To stay ahead of the curve, MBS Equipment Company turns to key industry leaders through a consortium think tank dubbed MBSi, or MBS innovation, as a resource for sharing thoughts and ideas on industry trends in lighting technology and concepts as well as ways to implement and develop solutions for the future.

Our Partnerships have been the key to our growth and success with each one based on strong relationships and a mutual respect for the business. With this network, MBS Equipment Company is well positioned to services production wherever they may go.

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Pinewood MBS Lighting is a joint venture between MBS and the Pinewood Group. One of the first partnerships of its kind in the UK, Pinewood MBS Lighting is the exclusive provider of grip and lighting equipment to Pinewood Studios and Pinewood Shepperton Studios. With support from MBS Equipment Company in the United States and Canada, and servicing some of the largest movie franchises of all time from blockbuster producers like Lucasfilm to Marvel Studios Pinewood MBS is at the forefront of lighting innovation and service for the UK film and TV industry. Built from the ground up with the most comprehensive new inventory investment in the country and considered the industry leader in next generation LED fixtures and drivers, Pinewood MBS Lighting is a primary contributor to the conceptualization and development of products within the MBS innovations network.

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