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The MBS Group

Studio management. Studio design and development. Lighting, grip, expendables and more. At The MBS Group, our capabilities are vast. So is our network. With more than 100 locations, spanning 95 cities, 13 states and seven countries, we have resources at the ready for both studio owners and content producers. Robust resources—and extensive, international reach—that make us one of the largest studio consulting and equipment companies in the world.

Lots to Discover: Sound Stages, Production Spaces and More

The MBS Group operates some of the entertainment industry’s most iconic, independent studio lots. Each is loaded with modern features and amenities, and all offer turn-key services to deliver a signature, one-stop production experience.


Lighting, Grip and Expendables

When you work with The MBS Group, you have access to one of the world’s largest equipment inventories, including technologically-advanced solutions and sustainable-energy alternatives that can change the way you create.


Props and More

ISS Props, a division of The MBS Group, is the world’s largest prop house, with locations in 11 U.S. cities and London—and more than 1.5 million props in stock. And if it’s not in inventory, ISS will find it. Or create it. Capabilities include design, manufacturing, engineering, graphics and even entertainment marketing.


A Few of Our Loyal Customers

Studio Management and Beyond

We not only operate studios, we design and build studios, train production crews and more. If you’re a studio owner, no matter what you need, we’ll have the solution—along with the industry experts to help you implement it.


Breakthrough Production Technology

Our think tank, dubbed MBSi or MBS Innovations, is known industrywide as an incubator of revolutionary ideas and inventions. Explore our breakthroughs in lighting technology, visual effects and other production processes.

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A Commitment to Sustainability

Our clean energy solutions include non-diesel, power supply options, grid tie-ins and the use of renewable fuels.


Locations in 95 Cities, 13 States and Seven Countries




Productions a Year
Hawaii Locations Canada Locations California Locations New Mexico Locations Louisiana Locations Illinois Locations New York Locations Georgia Locations UK Locations Florida Locations New Jersey Locations Virginia Locations Ireland Locations Tennessee Locations

Hawaii Locations

MBS Equipment Depots
  • Depot - Oahu

Canada Locations

MBS Owned Studios
MBS Operated Studios
MBS Partner Studios
MBS Equipment Depots
  • Depot - Calgary
  • Depot - Vancouver-Burnaby
  • Depot - Vancouver-Langley
  • Depot - Toronto

California Locations

MBS Owned Studios
MBS Partner Studios
MBSE Global Headquarters
  • Depot - Slymar

New Mexico Locations

MBS Partner Studios

Louisiana Locations

MBS Owned Studios
MBS Partner Studios

Illinois Locations

MBS Equipment Depots
  • Depot - Chicago

New York Locations

MBS Owned Studios
MBS Partner Studios
MBS Equipment Depots
  • Depot - Maspeth

Georgia Locations

MBS Partner Studios
MBS Equipment Depots
  • Depot - Savannah

UK Locations

MBS Owned Studios
MBS Partner Studios

Florida Locations

MBS Equipment Depots
  • Depot - Orlando

New Jersey Locations

MBS Equipment Depots
  • Arri Depot - New Jersey

Virginia Locations

MBS Equipment Depots
  • Depot - Richmond

Ireland Locations

MBS Owned Studios

Tennessee Locations

MBS Partner Studios